Katherine "Kit" Bridges is the protagonist of Ride and is a main character. She is a dream girl who loves horses.


Kit is a bright student who is willing to take challenges and ride. She is a part of the Covington Academy and is also a talented horse rider.


Will Palmerston

Will is one of the first students Kit meets when she arrives at Covington. Will warns Kit to keep away from TK as he is "Lethal".

Kit is shown to develop a crush on Will as the series progresses.

Nav Andrada

Nav is the very first student Kit meets upon arrival at Covington Academy.

They first meet when Nav pulls her out of the way of a rampaging TK.

Nav is shown to have developed a crush on Kit.

Anya Patel

Best Friend

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Elaine Wiltshire


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Josh Luders

Good Friend

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